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Quality of Service Feedback Report

Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. Your
comments will be used by our Customer Service Department
to help us improve the quality of service we provide to you and all
 of our clients.


1) Was our office staff professional and courteous? YesNo
2) Was your reservation confirmed the evening before? YesNo
3) If yes, was the information in your computer correct? YesNo
4 )Were you given our 800 number in the event you needed to contact us? YesNo
5) Was your driver on time to pick you up? YesNo
6) Were you met by your driver in the proper location? YesNo
7) Was your driver courteous and neatly attired? YesNo
8) Did your driver obey the speed limit and use defensive driving techniques? YesNo
9) Was vehicle neat and clean? YesNo
10) Were you satisfied with JBI's Service? YesNo
11) Will you use the services of our company again? YesNo
12) Was your reservation made through a travel agency? YesNo
If yes, indicate in comments which agency.
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